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There's nothing more important, to both you and us, than your health and wellness.  We believe in locating a sense of peace, creativity and happiness through bringing you to a clarified state where you can fully absorb nature. 

There is a false dichotomy between man and nature.  We are nature.  Through yoga, meditation, and connecting to nature and animals we bring you full circle, away from the neurological noise, and invite you to heal; body, mind and soul. 


Courses for Horses

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Learn how to Meditate with your own horses and earn up to £30k per year running 2 hour per day workshops. This could fund the keep of your horses, pay your bills or even allow you to keep the horses you have always dreamed of.


Meditate with Horses
Teacher Training Course 

You can earn up to £30k per year running 2 hour per day workshops.

  • Do you love horses? 

  • Love nature? 

  • Love the idea of pure trust and connection, meditation and providing wellness for others?

  • Own a horse?

  • Have access to part loan of a horse? 

Meditate with Horses is very beneficial for animals and humans alike. 

Very little is needed but meditation and gentle facilitation. And you can be taught how to facilitate this in less than a week. I have been running my Meditate With Horses workshops for over 10 years now. I can not express just how rewarding this work is. I sometimes sit watching my clients interacting with my horses and tears roll down my cheeks. I get to see horses and people at their very best on a daily basis. I completely fall in love with all my groups and although I pretty much roll the same this out every day… every session teaches me something new. 

Module 1

Safety for you and your client. 

Work through all of the important groundwork to do relating to safety for clients, safety as facilitator, protecting your business, setting up insurances and disclaimers.

Module 3 

Module 2

Your own healing journey

Identify your own triggers and relationship with self and horse. This is a integral part of building this business, they key is to be completely confident in your ability and understand how to regulate your self to get the best response from your horse and in turn create the best environment for your workshops.

Clearing the space

Clearing to space physically to avoid danger, and also clearing your spiritual and emotional space to create a serene and tranquil environment to enable effective meditation.

Module 4 

Horse Issues

Look at all the things that can come up for horses, how to manage them and work closely with them to make them feel secure and safe.

* Example of a typical itinerary. Some timing and activities may differ slightly depending on the nature of the work, some sessions could be longer or shorter 

Meditate with horses Training



20th - 23rd December 

Your children will indulge in a wide range of activities from outdoor adventures to unforgettable experiences. Our team work to create a bespoke itinerary which gets kids out in nature, eating nutritious food and forming special connections and memories. 

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